Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What fees apply to a Digital Autopsy?

A fee of £500 plus VAT is charged for a Digital Autopsy. The fee is payable when a Digital Autopsy is requested by a family and a Coroner agrees to the request, and in cases where the family contacts iGene directly.

In Coronial cases, if the Digital Autopsy results prove inconclusive and lead to a traditional, full invasive autopsy being carried out, the fee will be refunded to the family.

In forensic pathology cases, a Coroner can order a Digital Autopsy to be carried out to assist the justice process. In such cases there will be no cost to the family of the deceased.
Some local authorities are also showing their support for Digital Autopsy by providing the service free of charge when a post-mortem is required. To confirm your local area’s policy, speak to the Coroner or Coroner’s office.

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